Samuelio Taco rankos išvaduoja nuo skausmų pasaulio įžymybes

Niujorke gyvenančiam išeiviui iš Lietuvos kineziterapeutui Samueliui Tacui (kitose šalyse žinomam kaip Shmuel Tatz) ne viena pasaulinio garso įžymybė dėkinga už sugrąžintą sveikatą. Jo rankos gydė kompozitorių Andrew Lloydą Webberį, violončelininką Mstislavą Rostropovičių, smuikininkus serą Yehudi Menuhiną ir Isaacą Sterną, aktorę Elizabeth Berkley ir daugelį kitų. Skaitykite daugiau: lrytas

Dieviškasis Samuelio Taco prisilietimas

Ki­ne­zi­te­ra­peu­tas Sa­mu­e­lis Ta­cas (Shmu­el Tatz) ir po­pu­lia­rių kny­gų au­to­rė bei ben­dra­au­to­rė In­ga Liut­ke­vi­čie­nė pri­sta­to kny­gą ,,Kū­no de­ri­ni­mas: ma­lo­nus gy­ve­ni­mas be vais­tų. Fi­lo­me­nos Tau­ny­tės mo­ki­nio pa­ta­ri­mai“. Kny­gos au­to­rius S.Ta­cas ne tik trum­pai pa­pa­sa­kos apie ją, bet ir ves 40 mi­nu­čių kū­no de­ri­ni­mo mankš­tą, ku­rią su­da­ro mankš­ta su laz­da bei žmo­gui tin­ka­miau­si Ry­tų ir Va­ka­rų svei­ka­tos mo­kyk­lų […]

A Student Volunteer’s Observations of Body Tuning

From these past few weeks that I have began working in the office, I have learned much about the practice of Body Tuning. Unlike the typical physical therapy office where you see a multitude of exercise equipment with patient repeating exercises to re-strengthen muscles after injury, Dr. Tatz works with patients on a much more […]

Steps to Treating Back Pain

The first step is to have some form of cold/ice compress ready for your back. You can take a wet towel and place it in the freezer for an hour, or take ice and wrap it in a towel or use an ice pack. The next step is to find a comfortable lying position for […]

Treatment of the Face for Trumpet Player

For trumpet players, and most wind instrumentalists, there is a lot of activity in the face muscles and scalp while playing and practicing. Though we spend many hours trying to make our playing feel natural, playing any instrument is not a natural activity compared to laughing, crying, or even screaming. From being in an unnatural […]

Our Therapeutic Machines

There are four treatment rooms in the Body Tuning clinic, each musical in name: Orchestra, Guitar, Piano and Violin. There are no instruments in the rooms but there are a number of impressive machines used to help patients’ ailments. Vibration In the open area there is a machine that looks like a treadmill; it vibrates […]


From my 40 years of experience and researching traditional and non-traditional techniques and philosophies, I have reached my own conclusions. I have watched dozens of students and patients naturally shimmisize. They made me see, that it is the fastest, most inexpensive and most effective movement approach to achieve a “tuned body.” Shimmisize reduces pain, relieves […]