How hands-on physical therapy can help in COVID-19 rehabilitation

If you’ve had COVID-19 and you’re experiencing any respiratory, cardiovascular, neurological, or psychological problems you may be what doctors call a “long hauler”, otherwise known as people who experience COVID-19 symptoms that linger for weeks thereafter. Today, you will see that physical therapy is one of the best options to rehabilitate post COVID-19. Many articles will write about exercise programs that were made to specialize in rehabilitation, but what many programs are missing is the art of touch that western physical therapy does not offer. Writing from Body Tuning & Physical Therapy, a clinic in NYC with heritage from Eastern Europe, we want to tell you about the importance of touch in COVID-19 rehabilitation.

Why Touch?

Though exercises are important to do, one cannot truly understand their patients’ body by way of observation. Touching the body to feel each muscle, tendon, ligament, and joint is the best way to connect internally and help the fascia and lymphatic systems. When one suffers from an injury or an illness working internally is the best way to reduce inflammation, produce blood flow, and enhance immunity. You can see why we’re so shocked no one has mentioned massage therapy until now. Going to a specialist who understands how to strengthen the body, feel how it is within, and use modalities, unique exercises, and breathing techniques is the best way you’ll make improvements on the health and functionality of a patients’ body.

The Facts

People who are in recovery have big problems with body weakness and fatigue syndrome. It was originally said that 80% of people recover quickly with mild symptoms, while 20% of people were to lay in bed dealing with long term effects. After 10 months of research and experience we see that at least 10% of the original 80 are considered long haulers, dealing with muscle atrophy, sleep apnea, and other internal issues due to Covid-19.

Our Way

These long term effects are happening within the body, therefore the most important part of physical therapy would be a hands on approach. At Body Tuning and Physical Therapy we spend a minimum of half hour with our hands on a patient’s body. We observe the body and then use our own body, strength and energy, to move and manipulate joints and muscles so that our patients can walk out feeling new space for breath, new calmness through the central nervous system, and new range of motion. Each session is a new experience based off of what your body is asking for. After half an hour of our hands-on approach we leave 10-15 minutes for unique modalities to be used where needed. We always leave our patients with an at home exercise program so that in between sessions our patients can keep themselves moving forward.

Therapy Through Our Eyes

Physical Therapy was first practiced as a hands-on therapy, like everything in the 21st century we try to develop faster technology as treatment, but that’s not beneficial and long term, it only works as a complementary treatment. While working out and strengthening muscles is definitely beneficial for muscle weakness, it’s not the only way to deal with muscle atrophy. Working hands-on to move the muscles and feel the difference in weakness is a fantastic way to start building strength and building awareness for our patients so they know how to work at home.

Cardiovascular and respiratory issues can only be helped with hands-on manipulations. Feeling and working through any blockage in the sternum while activating the lymphatic system is the best way to get a person to breathe freely and build immunity in their body. This is part of the work of a hands-on therapist.

Our goal is to have patients take on the world with a lighter load; to live with as little pain as possible. We believe that while everyone needs a body tuning, not everyone needs to be in physical therapy multiple times a week for months on end. We strive to have people leave us with a healthier communication between their minds and their bodies. Body Tuning & Physical Therapy is dedicated, sincere, and passionate about helping each person who walks in through their door. Get started on your treatment today and live a better tomorrow.