Your car gets a regular tune-up,
so should your body.

Your car gets a regular tune-up,
so should your body.

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Founded by Dr. Shmuel Tatz, PT in the 1980s, Body Tuning & Physical Therapy is an out-patient clinic in NYC that works with a holistic approach. Dr. Tatz and his associate, Daniel Padmos, MM, PTA, work one-on-one with each patient to give the necessary attention to the body and its movements.

They’ve worked with famous musicians and dancers, yoga practitioners, adults in their old age, sedentary workers, etc. Their goal is the same for everyone. To get the body moving at maximum potential, feeling the best it can, and avoiding the pitfalls of aging.

What is Body Tuning?

The Body Tuning method uses sight and physical touch to create an extraordinary experience where the hands listen to the body. We begin by observing a client in motion; how he/she is walking or moving. Then using physical touch we evaluate any restrictions in the body. Using our learned hands enables us to feel how soft tissue and joints move and guides us as to how and where the body would be best treated. The goal is simple: to ease pain and discomfort in the body.

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Meet the Staff


Dr. Shmuel Tatz, PT, creator of Body Tuning, has over 50 years of experience. He’s worked with the Soviet Olympic team and the Israeli soccer team where he gained proficiency in treating sports injuries. He is renowned for working with dancers and musicians highlighting his ability to work with both the upper and lower extremities. He also has experience working in intensive care units and rehab centers, addressing his skills in working with patients who have critical and serious injuries.

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A musician turned physical therapist, Daniel Padmos, MM, PTA found his true calling in listening to the body. Trained by Dr. Tatz in the Body Tuning method, Daniel’s crossover knowledge as a musician and therapist allows him to understand the body with a different point of view than most. He works daily with musicians from Lincoln Center and Broadway as well as with elite-level ballet dancers, gifted high-school athletes, and people before and after surgery.

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