Body Tuning is coming online!

We are continuing to try and provide the service that you know and love while also ensuring you and our staff remain safe. With that in mind, we’re introducing Body Tuning online.

Body Tuning is offering group exercise classes as well as 1 on 1 sessions that will be available for participation on Zoom. Please download the app ahead of time.

Live stream recording that was part of the Body Tuning Online program.

Group classes will be held twice a day at 1pm and 5pm EST in an effort to offer more flexible scheduling. Group classes will be offered at $5 per class and sold as a package of two classes ($10 for two classes). We hope to offer more flexible scheduling and payments options as we develop our digital infrastructure over the coming weeks.

1 on 1 sessions will be offered at select afternoon times and can be more flexibly scheduled based on demand. These private sessions are best for creating, or reviewing, personalized home exercise programs as well as troubleshooting specific aches and pains. We will continue to use the Zoom platform for the time being which means you will be able to record your 1on1 session and review it as many times as you need. These private sessions will be offered at $50 for a 45 minute session.

Tired of seeing my blond mug in your face? Perhaps the wise age of Dr. Tatz is more appropriate for your needs. Good news! Dr. Tatz will also be providing online content so stay tuned for details on that.

How it all works

Sign up here for the time slots you are interested in for the coming week. After you submit your requests, you will receive a link to our PayPal account where you can submit payment. After payment is received, you’re done. You will then automatically receive a Zoom invitation 5-10 minutes before your selected classes start.

What to do

1. Pick your times
2. Make your payment
3. Tune in to tune up.