Alternative Physical Therapy Treatment for Dislocated Elbow

Bonnie had been a regular patient of Shmuel Tatz, PT, PhD for twenty-plus years. She has enjoyed an active life of dance, hiking and yoga and only used to go see Tatz for tweaking her aches and pains away. Always successfully. She recommended Tatz to her friends for years. It wasn’t until Bonnie was injured that she fully appreciated just how truly gifted Tatz is.

It was a typical snowy, icy, New York City afternoon. Bonnie was carrying too many heavy bags, going back to her office, when she tripped over a pothole in the sidewalk. She tried to regain her balance, but the bags made her into a twirling top and she spiraled into a terrible fall dislocating her elbow. She was in excruciating pain and her arm swelled up two times its normal size.

Bonnie immediately went by ambulance to the emergency room, where her orthopedic doctor took x-rays. He told her to gently move her arm up and down, then to go see him again when he returned from traveling in two weeks time. Nothing more, no physical therapy other than his suggestion to move her arm up and down. That turned out to be laughable as her arm was so swollen and so tender, she really couldn’t move it all.

Even though she was told not to see a physical therapist, she called Tatz, whom she completely trusted. The next day, Tatz not only treated her arm with the most gentle of movements and anti-inflammatory machines, but he also treated her neck, back and leg on the side on which she had fallen. He began with subtle movements. Over the next two weeks, he taught her additional movements for her arm and hand. Tatz used his Scenar handheld device that provided Bonnie’s elbow with mild electronic stimulation for one treatment. On the next treatment he would use his magnetic therapy machine. All Tatz’ treatments are non-invasive and delicate to the touch.

Two weeks later, Bonnie kept her appointment with her doctor, but by that time, she was able to move her arm, use her fingers, even taking her overcoat off and using her injured arm to place it over her healthy arm. When the doctor saw her, he didn’t even ask how she made such a speedy and whole recovery. At that point, the doctor had nothing more to offer Bonnie, who continued seeing Tatz until she had fully regained function and strength.

For about six weeks, Bonnie returned to Tatz as often as she could where he provided a variety of movements and exercises that replicated her body’s natural motions. These were small as well as large organic movements designed for her, all the while building range of motion and strength.

Tatz continued adjusting, massaging, tweaking delicately that injured arm and elbow along with additional in-office treatments, including laser treatments, a vibrating Diapulse machine and magnetic stimulation. As Bonnie says, “Every treatment is different. Professional, relaxing, original. You know you’re in good hands when you’re being treated by Tatz. One of my favorite exercises he gave me to do was to swing my arms like a little kid.”

Bonnie is now in full recovery. Back to carrying heavy work, dancing, hiking and yoga. She continues to recommend Tatz to all her friends. With a smile she adds, “If they designated people as national treasures, Tatz would be one. He’s a genuine treasure.”

by J. Baldwin