Physical Therapy – Body Tuning!

Body Tuning is the most profound development in healing in decades.

Dr. Shmuel Tatz does not use physical therapy machinery of any kind in his therapeutic approach. He uses touch. His hands touch with a gentleness that can only come from a true instinct and awareness of what is going on in the body. It’s a fact he is more in touch with a patient’s body than the patient. He is aware of the body’s language and what it conveys. By conversing with the body, reading balances and disharmonies, he can fine tune it. He feels the bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons evaluating what is needed and then gently reeducates the body into a more harmonious balance. “The first step is to feel the problem.”

As one patient explains, “My personal experience with Dr. Tatz was rather remarkable. When he first touched mu stomach I wondered what he had in mind. Almost immediately there was a sensation in my spine. As he very gently and ever so slowly maneuvered my head up and down and from side to side (similar to Feldenkrais movements) he softly muttered “lengthen your neck” as a healing mantra. He later explained that he was teaching my body to work with its innate wisdom to heal itself. The morning after my session I woke up with no pain. This was a first for me in a very long time.”

His work is a compilation of many modalities. His system may not be readily evident but one look at his face, when he concentrates on the body, reveals his genuine ability to pick up one needs. As he explained, he feels that our bodies tell us what exercise program will help rather than do more harm. (Perhaps one needs someone lie him to set up the correct program.

He, correctly, asserts that one cannot heal or touch another person if we are not in perfect harmony ourselves – centered and emotionally sound. This attitude comes from a healthy soul who is truly in touch with his need to be a focused whole person. There is totally relaxed countenance that Shmuel Tatz possesses that immediately makes you relax and go with the flow.

He sees a limited number of clients a day as he knows one can only give from what there is to draw from. The urgency to make oodles of money is not uppermost in his mind as he considers his clients part of his family.

He uses magnetic pulse therapy as part of his treatment regimen. As Dr. Tatz explains, “Physical therapists know the positive effects of magnetism on the body. Scientists have developed a machine with different programs so we can adjust for every situation. We put electrodes on the body for example on the hip joint for about 15-20 minutes to provide a very mild relaxation sensation and the pain decreases. Physical therapists can do reflex therapy.”

Originally from Lithuania, Shmuel Tatz studied Western physical therapy in Jerusalem. In the 20 years he is practicing in the United States he has broadened his scope of learning considerably.

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