Consistency and Commitment to One Treatment

If you are suffering from an injury, have pain or discomfort in your body you should do the appropriate research to find “the right” treatment and physical therapist to cure your ailments. In other words, lets say you have injured your shoulder/rotator cuff and all basic movement such as raising your arm above your head, […]

Alternative Physical Therapy

In traditional Physical Therapy programs a student is taught 10-15 conventional approaches to be utilized in Hospitals and Medical Centers. These facilities have very strict rules regarding modalities permitted to be used for treatment. For this reason teachers and professors mostly teach traditional therapies and modalities which in turn are FDA approved for Hospitals. An […]

In response to “The Perils of Toughing It Out”

The Perils of Toughing It Out — NYTimes Well (@nytimeswell) March 3, 2014   Dear Jane, I just finished reading your most recent article and was pleased to see that you mention the importance of physical therapy.  For the past 30 years I have really enjoyed reading your articles and found them informative. I […]

Student Musicians’ Injury Treatment

I spoke with a client of Dr. Shmuel Tatz’s named Sarah, recently in the office after her treatment.  She is a violinist at Mannes conservatory, which is part of the New School; the campus is on the upper West side.  She came to Shmuel initially for about 3 months of treatment and by the end […]

How to Choose the Best Physical Therapist

In general patients should be aware that having a physical therapist license does not mean one automatically gets good results. The patient should always do their research before choosing the appropriate physical therapist and then request the full attention and the best possible treatment. Many of the patients that I currently treat have gone to […]