Neck pain

Best Breathing Method for Health

Buteyko Breathing Method

The goal of this breathing method is to affect not only the muscles in the body, but also the physiology of the body. While this breathing technique will produce relaxation and energy, it is important to remember that the fundamental concept is to limit your breath. If you would like to understand more about the physiology of this technique, you can start here:

While it is best to do focused sessions of 15-20 minutes to help recalibrate your natural breathing rhythm, we find that any amount of this breath work will begin to improve your overall health.

How to Perform the Exercises:

All breathing should be done through the nose with mouth closed at all times. The mouth is for eating and the nose is for breathing. Focus on taking the smallest and most silent breath possible. Ultimately your breathing should be unnoticeable.

1. Begin by gently exhaling with little to no force. Don’t try to squeeze any air out, just let yourself deflate. If you exhale too far, you will feel your abdominal muscles contract to push extra air out, this is too much effort. Only release the air until you reach a natural resting state

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Headache Follow Up Treatment on Neck and Jaw

I arrived a bit early for my eighth visit with Shmuel Tatz, PT, PhD. His waiting room is a constant, relaxing oasis. There are three red velvet orchestra seats to choose from, numbered 13, 15 & 17. Or, there’s also a comfortable piano bench to sit on. Prominently placed in the waiting area is a beautiful bronze sculpture of healing hands. His two assistants are always kind, smart and soft-spoken. I’d had success with Tatz’ previous treatment, in essence with all his treatments, but last time Tatz had made a leap with my headaches. The head pain had disappeared for a few days and it hadn’t come back in its usual way. This time, my head was sore versus piercing.

Tatz whisked me into one of his private rooms, had me lie face up, and immediately placed cold laser therapy instruments on both sides of my neck and disappeared for at least twenty minutes or so. I’d become accustomed to the cold laser treatments from Tatz. From my understanding, the cold laser was first developed in Europe: A noninvasive form of light amplification. On this particular treatment I fell fast asleep.

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Flute Player’s Pulled Neck Muscle Treatment

Clara, a flute player, came in for therapy on Tuesday morning reporting that she was in too much pain to play her instrument and could not function normally during the day. She was exceptionally busy the previous week playing upwards of 8 hours a day and performing three concerts in one week. On the Monday morning after this week, the day before her first treatment, she was drying her hair and pulled a muscle in her neck. She felt a sharp pain that resulted in an immediate loss of motion. She was un-able to play her flute that day due to intense pain. Clara had had no previous episodes of neck injury but commented that she plays flute, so she has some “inherent neck tension.”

She immediately went to seek medical help. She made an appointment with an internist for that Monday afternoon. The physician told her to make an appointment with an orthopedist. This usually takes about 2 weeks. In the meantime, she was instructed to apply ice and take Advil. Clara made the appointment but was not satisfied with waiting. She was also told by the physical therapist at Juilliard that no appointments were available until the following week. It is essential for a working musician to be able to receive immediate treatment and begin practicing again.

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