Steps to Treating Back Pain


The first step is to have some form of cold/ice compress ready for your back. You can take a wet towel and place it in the freezer for an hour, or take ice and wrap it in a towel or use an ice pack.

The next step is to find a comfortable lying position for your back and spine. You can either lie directly on your back with your feet planted and your legs bent or your legs straight out in front of you. Another option is to lie on your less sensitive and painful side with a pillow for under your head and another pillow in between the knees. In this position you need to make sure your knees are close to your chest in order to have flection in the spine. A third option is to lie flat on your stomach and make a pillow for your head with your forearms and elbows and rest your forehead.

Once you have found a comfortable position for you, take your form of cold compress and place it on the sensitive/painful part of the spine. You should remain in pose and focus on breathing. The idea is to bring breath and air to the sensitive part of the spine and allow gravity to take over. Remain here for 15-20min.

Once you have settled the mind and breath remove ice and start simple movement exercise remaining in the same position for 5-10 minutes. First start with the ankles, flex and point the feet and then gentle ankle rotations in both directions. Then move to the knees and gently bend and straighten the knees. Then proceed to movements of the head and neck, gentle circles and side to side. All movements should be free of pain. The moment you feel pain you should switch movements. You are always avoiding movements in the sensitive part of the back.

Come out of your comfortable position and get on your knees and forearms, create a pillow for the forehead with hands and arms. In this position it is important to concentrate on abdominal/ diaphragm breathing. As you inhale you expand the stomach towards the floor and as you exhale you contract the stomach towards the ceiling then take a pause in between for a few seconds and continue the cycle. Repeat this exercise 6 times. Always keep in mind that everything should be done in a space of comfort and at no point should there be pain.

After the breathing exercise stay on elbows and knees and move the tailbone side to side, very gently with a comfortable range of motion. Repeat for a few minutes. With the head resting on forearms and gently roll the head in circles (keep forehead down). After a minute or 2 start to rock back and forth from elbows to knees and knees to elbows, for a couple of minutes.

In order to get out of the position, one should carefully come to all fours, resting on hands and knees. From hands and knees, bring your stronger leg forward and plant your foot and rest both hands on knee or have a chair next to you for support. Then you bring the other leg forward and plant the foot. Keeping your knees bent and your back rounded, rest one hand on each knee or both hands on chair and slowly come to a standing position, head always come up last. At no point forcing the back or getting up too fast. Remain standing with your arms loosely hanging by your sides and your head up for a few moments and take notice of how you feel and if there is less tension in your back and spine.