Massage Therapy


Massage therapy originated over 5000 years ago as a form of medical treatment for the ailing human body. Tomb paintings in Egypt show people being massaged. In ancient China, The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine, a book from the year 2700 B.C. recommends massaging the skin and flesh to treat a variety of problems.

Greek physicians used massage and it is said Roman physicians used it to help treat Julius Caesar’s neuralgia. And massage therapy was and still is a valued component of India’s Ayurvedic medicine. Even Hippocrates, recommended it for aiding in the health of the body’s joints.

Later, a French physician, Ambroise Pare, who was the Court’s physician, praised its value and a Swedish doctor, Per Henrik Ling developed what we all know today as the Swedish massage and the Dutchman Johan Georg Mezger defined its basic hand strokes.  A popular form of massage, Shiatsu, used today in both East and West was developed by the Japanese.


Massage therapy is increasing in its use for many and varied illnesses and stress related discomforts such as:

  • Muscular tension
  • Headaches
  • Circulation problems
  • Anxiety and emotional disorders
  • Arthritis
  • Tendonitis
  • Sports injuries


Massage therapy can be beneficial in maintaining overall health and well being by:

  • Helping to improve the functioning of the immune system
  • Improving blood flow
  • Providing needed relaxation in an over stressed society
  • Soothing and releasing tense muscles
  • Increasing joint mobility
  • Improving skin tone and elasticity
  • Decreases anxiety

Body Tuning & Massage Therapy

In the Body Tuning Studio, massage therapy can be requested from one of our licensed massage therapists. But, it is also incorporated into each body tuning session according to the client’s needs. Many body tuning techniques use massage as a foundation in helping to heal an injury or long standing problem. Though, to the client, it may not appear as a traditional form of massage, nevertheless, body tuning promotes healing, relaxation and well-being.

Who should consider massage therapy?

  • Those in stressful jobs
  • Those who do heavy physical labor
  • Health care practitioners
  • Mothers, Fathers and All Caregivers
  • People who sit too much
  • Musicians, Artists, Dancers
  • Sports enthusiasts
  • Mothers to be
  • Those with disabilities
  • In short…massage therapy is good for EVERYONE.