Physical Intuition

Almost all of us have heard of Medical Intuitives, alternative medicine practitioners who use their intuition to seek the cause of a physical condition. In general, they do not provide a prescribed diagnosis, but some Medical Intuitives are also M.D.s and may be held in higher repute. With their psychic skills, Medical Intuitives ‘read’ our bodies, our internal organs, the individual energies we present. With the information they gather they may be able to explain the root causes or connections between a symptom, or disease and an emotion or traumatic event that caused the sickness. That information can help to find the proper treatment and eventually a ‘cure’ for the ailment.

Louise Hay’s book: Heal Your Body is itself a kind of medical intuitive guide. Edgar Cayce, not an M.D. but a clairvoyant, was known to be able to diagnose and treat people he had never seen. Much of his work shows the correlation between our mental processes and the diseases we have. And perhaps the most famous present day Medical Intuitive, Carolyn Myss, a Ph.D. not an M.D. who has written extensively on the mind/body connection and who eventually teamed up with an M.D. named Normal Shealy to enhance her work.

There are many ‘healers’ we encounter in our everyday lives. I would include psychological counselors, bodyworkers of all kinds who allow more than their training but their instincts or intuition to lead their clients towards better health and well-being.

I have been trying to define for years what I have experienced as a client of Shmuel Tatz. I have finally defined him as a ‘Physical Intuitive.’ He can intuit the problem sometimes by just looking at his clients, watching them walk, and, most especially, putting his hands on their bodies. He will tell you that it is his years of training that have endowed him with the ability to help all kinds of conditions that clients present to him. I will tell you that that his training is only an adjunct to what was already in place…his intuitive ability to read the human body and to help it heal with his unique approach, or what he calls ‘Body Tuning.’ Body Tuning to me means that he hears the original sound of a broken instrument and gently, step by step, over a period of time, brings it back to its ability to play… beautifully.

Time after time, year after year, I have taken my in-need-of-a-tuning body to his Studio. In my first session, I chattered away, telling him about all my problems, aches, pains, inabilities, until he said: “Stop! I don’t need to know anything. I will find out what is wrong myself.” Say, what? Well, okay. I’ll be quiet. And I was. Except for asking him at the end of the session what he found in my body. “The pain of the last 25 years of your life,” he said. He got it. He got me. I was stiff and inflexible. I was guarded. Trust was an issue. In addition to life’s traumas, I had been severely hurt by a body worker who was an M.D. and had chronic pain for 19 years. But, even though I didn’t know anything about Shmuel, other than what I read on his website, when he touched me, the careful way he touched me, and my musician hands, I knew he was someone with whom I would be ‘safe.’

Time after time, year after year, I sat or laid on his table without giving him any information, and time after time, year after year, he put his hands on exactly what was hurting and made it better and made me better and happier in my life.

Still, too many times, I ran to doctors with my body complaints, even after Shmuel had told me my body problems were stress related. After hundreds of dollars of out of pocket expense, I learned from the doctors that my problems were stress related. I could have saved the money and bought a condo.

Shmuel will never own up to being a ‘Physical Intuitive.’ But my personal experience makes me certain that he is, and that anyone who has a body in need of healing, should take themselves to his studio and experience for themselves what it means to have a hands on experience with a ‘Physical Intuitive’ and true body healer. I love saying: “I told you so!”

By Valerie Parker