There Are No Accidents!

From time to time I am going to have some of my clients tell of their experience with the care they have received in our Body Tuning Studio. If anyone would like to contribute their story, please contact the office and let us know. It is not necessary to post your name if you wish to withhold it. It is your direct experience with our physical therapists that is important. Here is the first.

“I found the BodyTuning Studio by ‘accident.’ An ‘accident’ that turned into one of the most important things I have ever done for myself. As I was having lunch at a restaurant near Carnegie Hall with a friend, a young woman sat down at a table next to us. She looked very peaceful and mellow and she struck up a conversation with us. After a while I mentioned that she looked so relaxed and calm and she told me she had just had a physical therapy session with Shmuel Tatz at Carnegie Hall.

I said: “Carnegie Hall? I didn’t know there was a physical therapist there. I really need one.” She told me about the Body Tuning Studio and how wonderful her experience there was. I told her that I had been to so many physical therapists and though they had helped me some, I always found myself in pain in not too long a time after the sessions were done.

So, first I sent an email to the Studio asking if they dealt with my particular problems, which are many. I have back problems, arthritic knees and hip and degenerating disks in my neck that cause me a lot of pain from time to time. I received a short note back saying that they could definitely help me. So I made an appointment. I count that day as the first day of the rest of my physical life as it was a turning point for me in my ability to find relief from long standing pain and impairment. The therapy was unlike any I had ever experienced in a physical therapy office.

Since that time, I have had sessions with Shmuel most of the time, but have also had many healing sessions with Viktor and a few with Valery. I am tended to no less than 30 to 40 minutes at each session, depending on the nature of my problem. Following the hands on therapy, I am given various modalities which are soothing and relaxing since at times the therapy can be somewhat painful, but a good kind of pain that means progress and more movement in my joints. That day I may experience some feelings of discomfort but it never lasts and when it leaves me I am aware of being more flexible than I had been before I had the session.

Although I have been given many exercises to do at home, if I miss an office visit I can tell the difference in the way I feel, the way I walk and carry my body. So, I try not to miss any sessions that are not absolutely necessary. I truly do not know what I would do without Shmuel and Viktor and the BodyTuning Studio, and that includes the kindness of Irina, who greets me so warmly and is always so helpful and knowledgeable about my particular insurance claims.

As long as they will have me, I will be a regular visitor to the Tatz Body Tuning Studio because it means a happier and healthier life for me.”

Name withheld for privacy.