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5 Stars

I was skeptical about his treatment and exercises for at least first 5-6 visits, but I have come to believe that Shmuel actually senses the pain, discomfort, and desperation that my body has been experiencing for quite some time, probably over 7-8 years if not more.  For the last 3 years, I have seen a handful of PTs (even a very famous one amoung dancers), acupuncturists, massage therapists, and chiropractors, and none really made any difference.  Fortunately, I found Shmuel.

To say the least, Shmuel’s hands are truly a gift.  He is the best and unparalleled manual therapist among many good ones (and I mean it, SO MANY) that I have seen. But that’s not what makes him special; it’s his exceptionally keen perception to any mechanical or physiological issues of the body AND the slightest shift of my mind if it’s reflected on the body.  Shmuel truly senses and reads everything in the body.  What I enjoy is that he “goes somewhere” as though his entire presence is sucked into the body to travel within as soon as he puts his hands on the body. He doesn’t talk during treatment, nor does he want his patient to talk. He’s honing in on listening to the body.  I highly suggest that a patient really focus on one’s arising sensations during his treatment because the changes that he brings about might not be perceptible for one’s mind.  They are, however, quite perceptible for the body. The body knows because he can talk to it.

The following is just to elaborate on my condition if someone cares to know.  I haven’t been able to feel or communicate with my left body.  I am a mover, and being able to feel my body is essential…so it has been extremely frustrating.  My frustration became desperation since I started vomiting because of the extreme tightness/pain in my diaphragm, left ribs, and psoas.  I couldn’t work anymore, walk normally, sit comfortably while having dinner with my friends, and nothing was enjoyable. When the pain affected my breathing, I had a feeling for a split second that I might not live long if I didn’t do anything about it as soon as possible.  Shmuel knew it.  He felt it.  And He said to me, “You won’t live long like this.”  I never voiced this thought to him.

Shmuel says that one must trust when in therapist’s hands.  One MUST trust his/her own body’s potential to regain its full function.  With doubts, there is no cure.  I trust him and my body.  I hope I will be able to feel my left body soon.

Eiko N.
Manhattan, NY

5 Stars

Shmuel Tatz is simply the best- a virtuoso in the world of physical therapy. He is an expert at so many modalities of healing it boggles the mind. Not only does he make short work of all physical problems, but the  ambience at his office is extremely relaxing, from perfect volume of wonderful music to a staff you want to adopt and take home with you. His manual manipulation is at the highest level I have ever experienced and as if that weren’t enough, he augments the therapy with several kinds of machines all of which are completely safe. None of these machines are ever strapped to you so if you are  even the slightest bit uncomfortable you can just sit up and walk away from any of them. I know, because he’s used all of them on me. If you want to get better, go to Dr Tatz.

Helen C.
Manhattan, NY

5 Stars

I have been a patient of Shmuel Tatz for four months. I started Body Tuning therapy because of sudden extreme neck, shoulder and arm pain due to a herniation/narrowing in my cervical spine. I immediately felt like I was in good hands.

At the height of my pain, he was gentle yet worked deeply and methodically which provided relief. When the pain dissipated he was able to work on an even deeper level and this is when the shifts in my body became more pronounced. From the beginning, he told me that he does not perform magic and that long lasting healing would only happen if I commit to therapy on a long-term basis. Seeing him just two or three times would not be enough. This made sense and I appreciated his candor. It was the push I needed to finally work through unhealthy habits and patterns and open/release parts of my body that have held tension for decades. Fortunately, he takes my insurance so I have been able to continue with him twice weekly.

I thoroughly enjoy our sessions. They are incredibly healing and each one is different depending on how I feel that day or what he feels in my body. He is amazingly skilled and I completely trust him.

Lauren B.
New York, NY

5 Stars

Dr. Shmuel Tatz is, without a doubt, the best this business has to offer. We, in the performing arts, should be thankful to have someone who is so ‘in tune’ with the human body. In a very taxing musical profession, injuries are easy to come by but difficult to get rid of, and as someone that was dealing with back, neck and arm problems (along with denial…) over the last year it was a real blessing to meet and work with Dr. Tatz. He knows precisely where your problems are and where they stem from, and is able to help your body heal along with teaching you little exercises to help prevent any further injuries. I want to thank him and his wonderful staff for helping me get back on track so that I may continue to enjoy my career with the violin. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Shmuel Tatz to all my friends and colleagues.

David G.
Flushing, NY

5 Stars

As a nurse and an integrative health practitioner, I am very pleased to be working with Dr. Tazt (PhD) and will recommend him to all my contacts. Dr Tazt incorporates many healing methodologies into his physical therapy practice. He has both a scientific and energetic understanding of the body. The tendonitis pain in my knee, which I had for 4 months, greatly diminished after two sessions. Of course, the tendonitis has a deeper root, so now therapy has begun in these areas to remedy the source of the condition.

Dr. Tatz is called the “body whisperer” and rightly so. Without telling him, he discovers other areas that need working on–neck, shoulders, head, and uses appropriate treatment there.

Just as important to me, Dr. Tazt is well skilled in energetic healing modalities, which he uses to enhance healing and overall wellbeing. The beautiful music playing throughout the session adds another element of healing. He is a healer for the whole person.

Tina Q.
New York, NY

5 Stars

Happy to report Shmuel Tatz is a miracle worker. After having seen countless doctors, had multiple Xrays, MRI’s and been poked and proded with no positive results I was lucky enough to be referred to Shmeul. He changed everything. I have ridden horses my entire life so was devastated that since January I have not been able to ride due to severe pain, in my back and even worse in my hip. I have had about 10 sessions with Shmuel and followed his “exercise” regime religiously. And last week I was back on my horse, pain free and smiling. After riding, my lower back was quite sore and so I immediately went and had a session with Shmuel. He made me feel so much better. I am gong to be able to continue to ride, continue to be devoted to Shmuel’s routine and make sessions with him part of my life. Thank you Shmuel – you are amazing.

Lee S.
Manhattan, NY

5 Stars

Before I found Dr. Tatz, I had broken the ring finger in the joint inside of my left hand (in a stupid, unlucky fall), and wondered if I’d ever play my instrument the same way again. 8 weeks after the break, I still couldn’t make a fist, and I was concerned that all of the hours in my life that I’ve put into practice with a metronome would be gone. Now, after a healthy number of sessions with Dr. Tatz, I can say without doubt that I will play at a professional level again. I’ve had physical therapy before for other injuries, but have experienced nothing like this incredible level of applied knowledge and efficient treatment. I simply didn’t know that individualized, fully hands-on physical therapy like this was possible, until I began this process. The technical skill displayed by Dr. Tatz in physically manipulating and guiding my recovering hand back into proper, healthy form has been incredible to witness. The difference in dexterity, range of motion and comfort between when I arrived in the office a few weeks ago, and now as I am playing again is extraordinary. I’d say that his therapy approaches the miraculous, but that wouldn’t do justice to the real-world expertise involved in getting my hand’s complex, atrophied, damaged tissues to cooperate with each other again. The advice that I’d give to any other concert-level musician with an injury like mine is this: get up to Columbus Circle to see Dr. Tatz as soon as possible, and get back on the path to recovering full capability with your instrument and your life.

Stuart Z.
Manhattan, NY

5 Stars

Shmuel Tatz is an extraordinarily gifted, creative, intuitive and knowledgeable physical therapist. In actuality, it doesn’t seem accurate to call him a “physical therapist” – which he is – but, because his hands and his being are so closely tuned to my experienced needs and pain – it seems more meaningful to call him a healer. I have a history of many surgeries and Shmuel is most sensitive to the specifics of my body without my verbalizing very much – which is good given that I am not a good describer. He has a vast array of approaches and always is responsive to the needs of the present using his felt sense to focus his moves. His hands and understanding are exceptional. I highly recommend him and encourage anyone who goes to him to be trusting of his skills and commitment to healing.

Jenny H.
New York, NY

5 Stars

I have suffered from back pain since my childhood. Doctors were hesitant to suggest any treatment after they saw my X-ray, my spine was so crooked. Many doctors told me that even the surgery would not relieve my pain. Next morning after my first session with Dr. Tatz I felt unusual: I did not have pain first time in many years.

Gregory O.
Newton Centre, MA

4 Stars

I have been coming to see Dr. Shmuel Tatz for almost a month now, and while indeed Dr. Tatz is a man of few words, I am not going to him for verbal communication. He is absolutely, hands down, the best body worker I have ever come across.

I first came in because of extreme pain and tightness in between my shoulder blades and stiffness in the right side of my neck. I used very few words myself (I just said the problem was in that region) and Dr. Tatz went right to work. He went directly to a very painful spot on my spine (without even feeling his way there), and started manipulating it back into proper alignment. There was mild pain, but after a few min of him working on that area (and a few other points below), I got up and couldn’t even feel the right side of my body – it was totally loose.

The only issue I had was that working on my right side took the whole session, so I left feeling a bit unbalanced (because my left side felt very stiff in comparison), and had to wait till my next session 2 days later to even myself out!

There have been a few occasions where I’ve come in and Dr. Tatz has spent less time with me than at other times, but I’ve learned to go more by the results than the amount of time spent. If he can help me in 15 min, than I’m just as happy as if he had done it in 45.

So to sum up, yes Dr. Tatz is a very particular personality, but like most geniuses I’ve seen/read/heard about, he’s very focused on what he does and doesn’t interact with much else — but that is just fine for the aches and pains in my body.

To those who have already been to other therapists and seen slow, or little progress I would definitely recommend giving Dr. Tatz a try. Like I said, he is able to hon in directly on the problem area and address it properly immediately.

Regina S.
Manhattan, NY

5 Stars

I can’t begin to say how grateful I am to Shmuel Tatz and his colleagues. They have helped me cope with severe arthritis, and longstanding knee and back problems. I have improved enormously — not only my body but my spirit. Shmuel is a true healer.

Robert C.
New York, NY

5 Stars

Shmuel Tatz is unique in his approach to the discipline of physical therapy. This unique approach does, in fact, work very well. Two things one must understand before having the consult: 1) Just tell him what hurts. 2) Let Mr. Tatz do his examination/consult. When I first saw him I was expecting the typical PT evaluation which I had so many times from various practitioners. The consult experience was, indeed, different than the others; however, I did feel that it was worth listening to what he recommended as he came highly recommended to me. Once I began following what Shmuel Tatz recommended (doing specific home exercises along with seeing him 2 to 3 times a week for the allotted period), my physical issues disappeared.

One last thought. The cure is gradual and cumulative as with most good physical therapy treatments. The results tend to be long-lasting versus temporary and re-occurring relief.

I have been seeing Shmuel Tatz now for other issues for the past three (3) years. My only concern is what do I when he is on vacation.

George S.
Manhattan, NY

5 Stars

In the summer of 2003 I developed a terrible pain that began in my mid-back and eventually over the course of several weeks settled in my neck. I have always been active and healthy so it was a real shock to me that this situation had occurred in my body seemingly out of nowhere and would not go away. After a few visits to the chiropractor, my acupuncturist and a physical therapist the pain and numbness went away after about a month but this was to be the beginning of a long-term problem.

Over the next 7 years my back and neck pain became more and more constant until in the fall of 2009 I was desperate enough to have a spinal surgery. I had always sworn I would NEVER have back surgery after seeing my mother suffer through many failed back surgeries in the 1980s. I was simply desperate to be out of pain and was losing feeling and strength in my arms and hands. I had been to 4 chiropractors, 5 acupuncturists, 2 physical therapists, several pain management doctors and consulted with 3 surgeons. When I finally had the surgery in Oct 2009, it did relieve the numbness in my arms but I still had considerable pain in my neck and shoulders.

When my surgeon told me I could start a physical therapy program I barely had any hope left. He did not have a suggestion so I googled “best physical therapist nyc” and found Dr. Schmuel Tatz’s Body Tuning website and made an appointment. This is the best thing that could have happened to me! Schmuel and his therapists listen to you with not only their ears but with their hands. He has an uncanny ability to find areas of your body that are under stress or strain and to relieve it. His office is an oasis of beautiful music and calm where you are treated as a completely unique individual. I could tell from my first visit that Dr. Tatz would work with me until he found the solution to the problem in my body and I was right. I felt relief after my first session and have continued to experience healing ever since.

I often wonder if I had found Dr. Tatz before having surgery, if I would have even needed to have it. I have been able to return to my job and my life. Thank you!

UPDATE: 2011 and I still peridoically stop in if I’m stiff or pull something running or at the gym and a session or two and I’m back to 100%. Everyone I’ve sent there has had similar experiences.

Also, if you’re expecting only the traditional physical therapy experience, exercises, rubber bands, a quickie shoulder rub…be open-minded and give this a chance, It might not be what you’re used to but it WORKS.

susan s.
Manhattan, NY

5 Stars

While you are lying down listening to beautiful music, Dr. Shmuel Tatz quietly and patiently begins a gentle session of massage and manipulation (sometimes with an assistant, sometimes with various machines) which relieves pain, removes muscle stiffness and restores mobility to the parts of your body which are out of tune. For more than 30 years Dr. Tatz has used a unique blend of conventional Western physical therapy combined with techniques derived from yoga, osteopathy, acupuncture, tai chi chuan and reflex therapy. My sessions with Dr. Tatz remind me of Balanchine’s great choreography: each treatment is different (according to your need that day, his magic fingers know intuitively know where to go without asking questions); each is full of surprises with new movements (either by hands or machines–it is further amazing how, without interruption or conversation, your body is worked simultaneously in different directions first by two hands, four hands, and then with machine-induced movement as well); you enter a peaceful, relaxed state of mind and body knowing that the gifted healing hands of Dr. Tatz are restoring your body to its natural, healthy state. Restful sleep has never been better! And, Dr. Tatz gives you easy-to-do exercises which really work to relax and restore mobility and ease of movement while you’re home or about.Thank you, Dr. Tatz! –Finis Jhung, Ballet Master,

Finis J.
New York, NY

5 Stars

I have undergone two courses of therapy with Dr. Tatz, once several years ago when I experienced severe muscle spasms in my lower back, and again more recently when I actually herniated several lumbar discs. In both cases, Dr. Tatz and his incredible staff have helped me not only alleviate some incredible pain, but have helped me deal directly with the root causes of the problems, and restored a feeling of normalcy I would have never thought possible at the outset.

With my most recent bout with herniated discs, I first underwent a full course of therapy with a large PT firm with “outlets” all over New York City. While the therapists were always personally nice and caring, they were young and inexperienced, and the clear attitude from the management was always very corporate (when I mentioned that I had some pain in my shoulders as well as in my lower back, I was informed that this represented a separate “prescription” and they couldn’t treat me for it), and I couldn’t escape the feeling of being a case in a big insurance system. At the end of 33 sessions, I felt basically the same as when I started – sciatica, pain/spasms in my hips, frustrated in general.
With Dr. Tatz the experience couldn’t have been more different. Even though I had exhausted the number of PT sessions allowed by my insurance, he encouraged me to come in, and ensured me we’d find a way to work it financially. After a few more months of patient work, he and his excellent staff have helped me feel as close to “normal” as I have in almost a year. Dr. Tatz treats the whole body, and helps you realize how interconnected everything is – how can your lower back ever truly be well if you have pain and tension in your shoulders and neck? He (and his staff) understands, with the kind of knowledge only born of years of experience and study, the human body and how to care for it.

Anyone who has been to a doctor’s office in New York City knows the terrible, impersonal sense of feeling like nothing more than a number to be pushed through as quickly as possible. You will never feel this from Dr. Tatz and his warm and professional (and very experienced, and knowledgeable) staff. With respect to the review that left after one session: anyone that has ever undergone serious PT should know that you can’t expect results after one session — you need patience, and your patience will be rewarded here. If you ever experience any kind of joint or spinal issues, don’t waste your time anyplace else, and go see Shmuel!

Rob H.
New York, NY

5 Stars

I am an actress and I’ve been going to Tatz Studio for over six years whenever there is a problem with my body. The therapists there are extremely professional. Shmuel Tatz is very knowledgeable in the field – he will determine just the right treatment for your condition. In the midst of busy city life, this is one of the places that can make you feel fully relaxed. They play soft classical music which I really like. Overall, It feels like a holistic body healing place which incorporates not only your body, but your mind and spirit. Thank you Shmuel!

Marina V.
New York, NY

5 Stars

Shmuel Tatz and all at the Tatz Studio are truly wonderful. No matter the level of stress in my body, tension in my shoulders or compression in my lower back, I always walk out of there so much feeling better, and more relaxed, longer and remarkably lighter! The tension and discomfort is just whisked away! In just one session, the difference I feel is amazing. Shmuel himself is a wonder, and his hands are truly healing. I am always treated with such care by everyone, and I am very grateful to have found Shmuel and his Body Tuning!

Donna F.
New York, NY

5 Stars

Shmuel Tatz and his amazing staff are for those people who are serious about helping their bodies heal. I was fortunate enough to hear about him from a friend of mine who is a Principal Dancer with New York City Ballet and I will be forever grateful for the recommendation. After years of searching for relief for my injured back and trying everything from medications to other less experienced physical therapists, Shmuel is the first person to make me feel better. I am able to move again in ways I didn’t think I would be able to before I started going here. It is amazing how your entire life improves when you finally get relief from pain. Furthermore, every one of the other physical therapists who work there are wonderful. I highly recommend you go and have your body tuned today!

Victoria B.
New York, NY