Conditions Treated

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Being that we are skilled in listening to the body, we are capable of treating a variety of conditions. People usually ask what we specialize in; we work with musicians, dancers, and yogis often, thereby we believe we specialize in working with no particular area of the body; instead it is essential that we work with the body as a whole. These three jobs are done by people who use their entire bodies for art. They use their muscles, ligaments, and tendons to put their bodies in compromising positions. Considering we work with a majority of them we have seen success in working with musculoskeletal pain. Everything from low back pain to TMJ pain. We are confident working with muscle spasms, myofascial pain, and disc problems. We work with scoliosis, arthritis, and carpal tunnel syndrome, and our capabilities expand beyond that.

Living in a world where many are sedentary, we care to help those not having the time, range, or patience to move. We work with hip pain, post surgical care, and migraines and headaches.

We believe in only treating cases we know we can make a difference in. After a consultation visit we’ll be able to tell you whether we believe we can help you or not. We’ll give you an approximate number of visits we think it might take; at that point it’s up to you to stick to a schedule and make time for your healing.

Take a look at our list to see the variety of conditions we’ve treated, take note that this is a partial list, if you have an issue not listed here, give us a call. If we can help you we absolutely will.

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