Physical Therapy for Sedentary Workers

If you are someone who spends their day sitting at a desk and you’re wondering why it is you’re experiencing low back pain, shoulder pain, and other body aches you are not alone. In 2019 Frontier Public Health created a research study to analyze the effects sedentary work has on the body. It confirmed that “sedentary employees are exposed to increasing occupational hazards such as back pain and mental health issues.”

In the past sedentary workers would be overlooked as people who needed physical therapy. They wouldn’t start their treatment until they went to a doctor and were told they have issue “abc” or “xyz”. With the newly found study suggesting sedentary workers be more active and take care of their bodies we find Body Tuning to be a great option for most.

Body Tuning is a clinic that can work with someone without a prescription for physical therapy. Don’t wait for your aches to get worse and for them to turn into actual problems. Start your treatment before it reaches that point to avoid unnecessary surgeries and unnecessary pain.

Trust your bodies in Body Tuning to create a new way of working.

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"I started at Body Tuning because of range of motion issues in my left hip and back. The only options I was given by doctors were hip replacement and spinal surgery, neither of which were acceptable to me. I am not the typical patient at Body Tuning because my condition resulted from decades of sitting behind a desk, not from being a performer or an athlete. Daniel has been treating me for several years now, and has not only prevented my condition from worsening, he has improved my range of motion in the affected areas. I like the holistic approach he uses which considers how various parts of my body interact, and am impressed that he continues to vary my treatment regimen based on what he sees and feels. I only wish I had started sooner!"

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