Physical Therapy for Dancers & Musicians

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After working with the Beitar Yerushalayim soccer team, Dr. Tatz was introduced to the Rubin Academy of Music and began his work on musicians. Yehudi Menuhin, Midori, pianists Bella Davidovich, Leon Fleisher, Richard Goode, Mstislav Rostropovitch, Isaac Stern and Rosalyn Tureck are just a few of the people who came by to see what the master healer Shmuel Tatz can do.

Making his move to America in 1984, Shmuel had to re-establish himself and his practice. Isaac Stern and James D. Wolfensohn, friends and patients of Dr. Tatz, helped him find a space in Carnegie Hall where he had originally established his Body Tuning Studio. He then built his practice specializing in working with dancers and musicians from Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall.

They’ve spent countless hours working on the feet, ankles, fingers, wrists, shoulders and neck, not to mention the body as a whole.

They’ve learnt that when it comes to working on musicians and dancers, there’s no part of the body that is not involved in the actions necessary to perform.

They are immersed in the job and are therefore familiar with the lingo, the movement, and being that they both play instruments, they are familiar with what it takes mentally and physically to perform.

As Isaac Stern has stated, "Not only is Tatz an enormously gifted, highly trained, and experienced physical therapist, he is also knowledgeable in the unique needs of performing artists who so often have problems caused by professional work over the years."

I am a violist/violinist and a friend referred me to Daniel last spring after a doctor diagnosed my left hand injury as carpal tunnel syndrome. On my first visit, Daniel assured me that I did not have carpal tunnel syndrome, and that he could fix my injury in several sessions. I left the appointment feeling much better both physically and mentally! Not only did Daniel relieve the pain and tingling in my hand within a few sessions, but he was able to identify and relieve tension in other parts of my body. I try to have my body tuned weekly and always leave feeling renewed and balanced. Beyond playing an instrument for many hours a day, the tension accumulated by carrying instruments and baggage through NYC can be extremely taxing on the body. I consider my body tuning sessions to be both a necessary relief, and the ultimate luxury!

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Alexandra Danilova

"Many thanks for your help"

Mstislav Rostropovich
Mstislav Rostropovich

"Many Thanks for Mr.Tatz"

Isaac Stern
Isaac Stern

"Expert help & understanding"

Vladimir Feltsman
Vladimir Feltsman

"Many, many thanks"

Susan Jaffe
Susan Jaffe

"With deep admiration and appreciation"

Irina Kolpakova
Irina Kolpakova

"From admirer of your gift of healing"