Our Studio

Formerly located at Carnegie Hall, the Body Tuning studio is now in Central Manhattan at Columbus Circle.


Unlike most physical therapy clinics you won’t find weights or a treadmill in our office, instead be prepared to walk into an office filled with elegant art, views of a beautiful garden, and classical music playing in the background. Before treatment, clients are seated on vintage Carnegie Hall seats surrounded by photographs of famous musicians, dancers and artists who have been treated by Dr. Tatz. Considering we frequent clientele from the art society, we’ve turned our clinic into one of familiarity. Most of our patients refer to our studio as an oasis of serenity; we take comfort in knowing we’ve become our clients home away from home.

Being that we believe in holistic healing; there is no need for a gym-like setting, instead we move the body through an alternative approach. We have an open space with a mirrored wall where we welcome clients to partake in exercises. When learning exercises, you’re learning movements you can’t find on the web. These are exercises distinctively thought up and made especially for you and your unique case. Oftentimes our therapists will tell one to practice a few hours a day; because all our exercises can be done for an extended amount of time. Our exercises shouldn’t fatigue the muscle and shouldn’t cause pain. We teach our patients to move within their range of motion in order to then expand that range and make the body more supple.

Treatment room

With four individual treatment rooms, a sectioned exercise space, and a reception area filled with classical music, exquisite art, and a view of a beautiful garden we make it easy for patients to let go of their worries and get lost in the therapeutic and healing process. As important a role the art and garden play for bringing beauty into our office, music is particularly important. It fills the distance between us and our patients. We’ve found that listening to classical music allows us to get on the same page as our patients. Working off the rhythm of the music makes it easier for our patients to intuitively know when the force will be coming and going. This is part of the reason our approach is so special and unique.

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