What is Body Tuning?

The best of Western physical therapy and Eastern healing arts

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The name Body Tuning holds significant value to us and the way we work. After many years of using a hands-on approach to alleviate pain in the body, Shmuel began working with musicians who tuned their instruments regularly. Upon working with these musicians he recognized the similarity between the need to tune an instrument and the need to tune a body, with that Body Tuning was born.

In order for one to be considered a Body Tuner they must carefully learn the two most important factors of our method: observation and touch. Observation is a key component to Body Tuning, it teaches us natural patterns of a patient's body. We observe how one stands, walks, or moves around our office. We then use physical touch to mobilize, both soft tissue and joints in a problematic area. This touch is made with learned hands, hands that have the ability to feel and listen to the needs of the body in order to obtain maximum results. Our physical touch and individualized attention is what separates us from others and makes us the best in our field.

Body Tuning blends the best of Western physical therapy and Eastern healing arts. We use reflexo-physiotherapy and an eclectic mix of therapies. We believe using mixed therapies brings peace to the body and keeps it pain free. To that end, we include FDA-approved treatments such as magnet therapy, electro-cranial stimulation, electro-vibration, cold laser and ultrasound in each session. We also re-educate clients in breathing techniques and movement.

The goal of Body Tuning is simple: to ease pain in the body and have our patients feeling great.

"Body Tuning is an advanced form of bodywork. It combines orthopedic physical therapy, medical massage, remedial exercise and a variety of other well-known modalities. A skilled body tuner can help in reducing pain and increasing range of motion. Body Tuning is not a system. The practitioner relies on intuition, innovation and creativity to alleviate conditions in the skeletal, muscular and connective tissue systems."

Glenn Black
yogi turned body tuner
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