Meet Daniel

Daniel Padmos, MM, PTA

Who is Daniel?
Body Tuning with Daniel

Daniel Padmos is a musician turned physical therapist. After completing a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in music performance, from NYU and the University of Michigan, respectively, Daniel found his true passion: listening to the body. Trained by Dr. Tatz in the Body Tuning method, Daniel’s crossover knowledge as a musician and therapist allows him to provide the unique care needed for performing artists.

During his time at the Body Tuning studio, Daniel has become a manual therapy specialist. He’s gifted with the ability to see asymmetrical differences and points of pain in the body and in return how to treat them with the art of touch. Daniel is skilled when it comes to touch; knowing how to apply the right amount of strength and softness. He is gentle in his manner and works intuitively to his clients needs. When creating exercises for his clients his approach is entirely unique. He watches how one walks, plays an instrument, moves through their yoga practice, or sits at their desk and formulates exercises that’ll make these actions easier on the body. He is a passionate therapist whose intellect goes beyond the body and its movements. With all he’s learnt he hopes to enlighten his clients with the power of breath, body, and mind connection.

He works daily with musicians from Lincoln Center and Broadway as well as with elite ballet dancers and gifted high-school athletes. By combining techniques from Western Physical Therapy with techniques from Acupuncture, Ayurvedic Massage, Alexander Technique, Visceral Manipulation, Chinese Medicine and Energy Healing, Daniel is able to match his therapy to his client’s needs. Daniel leads an active lifestyle, in his spare time he enjoys camping, slacklining, and rock climbing. He is healthily interested in meditation and intermittent fasting.

Daniel Padmos, MM, PTA

“Daniel’s work has relieved me of much of the tension in my body. I no longer have chronic pain. I am thankful for Daniel’s care and attention and I feel very fortunate to be working with him.”

Maria Kitsopoulos
Cellist with the NY Philharmonic

“Daniel has the hands of angelic octopus and the bodily sense of a caring leopard, without his help I’d be a wet parakeet.”

Sam Shainberg

Daniel Padmos is an outstanding therapist. I am a former professional dancer and I have loads of experience with injuries. I have several chronic physical ailments, and over time have also experienced other injuries since retiring from dancing. I actually started working with Dr. Tatz when he first started practicing in NYC, and I started working with Daniel several years ago when Dr. Tatz cut down on his evening hours.

Over these years, Daniel has helped enormously both with my chronic conditions, to maintain my body in functional order, and with more acute conditions, such as tending to my broken foot as it was healing. Daniel is a gifted diagnostician. He synthesizes the information he hears from me (he really listens!) with what he feels as he works on my body, and always finds several angles from which to approach the issue at hand. Unlike many therapists, Daniel has a gift for finding exactly the places on the body to work on - not necessarily the area in pain — to make the painful area feel better. I completely trust his therapeutic judgment. He takes his job extremely seriously, yet his sense of humor and curiosity shine through as he works. He seems to take great pleasure in figuring out what’s wrong, finding solutions, and seeing the positive results in his patients. He treats his patients with great respect and consideration. I always feel cared for in that office.

Daniel also has a sensitive and kind bedside manner. He will explain exactly what he’s doing when asked - though he doesn’t overload me with unwarranted technical details and language -- and he's able to communicate complex information in a simple and understandable way. Daniel has worked on my teenage son, watching his basketball videos to have a better understanding of what’s causing his knee pain and how it might be corrected. He works weekly on my 87-year-old mother who is wheelchair bound, keeping her mobilized and making her more alert. He is currently treating my husband, a trumpet player, for his polymyalgia, an inflammatory condition that causes pain all over the body.

If you haven’t guessed by now, I highly recommend Daniel Padmos for people of all ages, with any sort of physical ailment that physical therapy might help. He’s an exceptional therapist and an exceptional person.

Kayla Schwartz. LCSW
Psychotherapist, Presentation and Communications Coach