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In My Own Voice: Memoirs
Singing Around the World, pg. 54
By Christa Ludwig

This crazy city has become something of a second home to me, and I love it. But New York, is of course, a lot more than a city. New York is a philosophy of life. I feel rejuvenated there, the living is easy, and no one looks to see how you are dressed, or if your handbag matches your shoes. Miracles can still happen in New York, although perhaps no one goes from newsboy to millionaire these days.

But I know someone who succeeded in New York for whom I have the greatest respect. Many years ago when I sang in Jerusalem and gave a master class with the encouragement of Isaac Stern, I was tormented by a nasty neck sprain and migraine. Someone recommended a physical therapist to me named Shmuel Tatz, and he worked wonders. Already after the first treatment I felt a lot better. A few years later, Shmuel called me at my hotel in New York, and told me that he had come to the city because his wife was studying piano at the Juilliard School. They wanted to stay, so he was looking for new clients, and I was the first person he called. Of course, I was really pleased to find this extremely competent man again, and he immediately came to my hotel with his massage table folded under his arm. I recommended him to others, and slowly he built up a list of clients. At first he could only rent a tiny studio (without a window!) in the Carnegie Hall building, and he worked there all day long, in the truest sense, with only his own two hands. Always when I come to New York, the first person I visit is Shmuel, my physical therapist. In just two years, his know how and diligence paid off. He now has a big studio, even assistants, and he is well-established in his profession. Only in New York could this happen!

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