Herniated Disc

Herniated Disc Pain Relief: A Sister’s View

In June of 2013, my sister began seeing Dr. Shmuel Tatz. She has been suffering for years with a herniated disc. The misguided treatment had later brought on other issues causing her pain throughout her body. With very little relief from other physical therapists we were not sure what to expect from Dr. Tatz. On our first visit she explained her injury and they kept the conversation between them to a minimum. He knew exactly where her pain was and was able to alleviate the numbness in her big toe instantly. This was surprising since she had been complaining about this for almost a year to other physical therapists. I have watched many physical therapists work with her over the course of 6 years and have yet to see anyone like Tatz. With very little words he understands and can point out her pain without her having to explain what she is feeling. After so many years of her having to explain her pain, she got tired of the charts and having to constantly describe what she was feeling. It just felt as if none really understood her pain. After that first visit my sister felt understood, without having to go into so many details about what she was feeling. He told her that every time she left there she should feel a difference.

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