The Benefits of Body Tuning for Yoga Practitioners

Body Tuning is the yogi’s best friend. It is like holding on to a hand of someone who can see you better than you can see your self. This is the gift of any relationship. In yoga you can make a shape with your body but you might not be able to address the habitual patterns that are held in the body with it alone.

Body Tuning is based on pain free range of motion for the joint and the surrounding myofacial structure.  It’s first objective is to make the body feel safe again and establishes the feeling of health alignment and support. This is done before any intervention is applied. It seems to remind the body of what feeling good is like. Then as small pressure and slowly increasing the demand of movement on the body occurs through the technique the body feels safe enough to let go because of setting up this prior pattern of pain free rang of motion being established. It remembers and let go even more deeply.

This tuning is like a mantra that the body can hold on to and come back to it original state of freedom and health. It moves out of its compensation and reactiveness into ease and grace.

– Lisa Matkin
Stepping Stones Yoga Studio