Body Tuning: Physical Therapy for a Pain Free Life

Shmuel TatzTo all who are undergoing physical therapy or contemplating doing so

This is the first of weekly blogs I am creating for all who are interested in knowing more about my physical therapy practice, what I believe and the way I work.

People who come to our office have a lot of questions and since they tend to be the same kinds of questions I believe that it will be helpful for the effectiveness of my treatment to learn about how I work by reading this blog. Because when clients come to me I want them to be able to lie down on my table, relax, listen to the beautiful classical music that is so much a part of my practice, and allow me to ‘tune’ their body without conversation and explanation. In the quiet of the therapy room I ‘listen’ to what is happening in the body, i.e. which parts of the body are ‘out of tune,’ so that I can give the treatment accordingly. Questions and comments can interrupt the flow of the work. And I want only the best for my clients.

In future blogs I will also be discussing the work of the other therapists in my office and topics that pertain to the practice of physical therapy: what it is, what it should be and what it should not be.

Please leave your comments, questions or suggestions. I will be happy to respond.


Shmuel Tatz, PT, PhD