Shmuel Tatz works at Tatz Studio at Carnegie Hall with an exercise physiologist, doing mostly hand-on treatment. He typically works with people who have arthritic problems from overuse syndromes and accidents. They work directly on the joints. For example, when working with a pianist who has problems with the hands, they will try to move the bones, separating the joints to make more space.

As Tatz explains, "Today in physical therapy we use many modalities. One of these is magnetic pulse therapy. We know of the positive effects of the magnetism on the body. Scientists have developed a machine with different programs so that we can adjust for every different situation.

"We put electrodes on the body, for example, on the hip joint. Here it says for 15 to 20 minutes. Usually patients report a very mild relaxing sensation, and the pain decreases.

"Many people with pain from osteoarthritis are afraid to be touched. People with a swollen knee, for instance can do reflex therapy. For the knee we touch an acupuncture point of the ear, which gives relief."

Once this manipulation has had an effect, they start to exercise the knee by putting the legs in the slings, relieving the pressure and making it easier for the patient to move the body. Trying to open the joint and make more space around the bones allows for better circulation.

The same can be done for every part of the body: the shoulder neck and so on. Movement is very important for people suffering with arthritis.

One patient, Lori, speaks about her improvement:

"Here at Tatz Studio I was able to receive physical therapy, which has enabled me to avoid surgery and has greatly improved the quality of my life. I'm still dancing."

Your Guide to Health Empowerment
by Gary Null and Barbara Seaman

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